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Isaack Luttichuys (1616, London – 1673, Amsterdam)

Isaack Luttichuijs
Son of the merchant Barent/Bernard Luttichuijs from Münster (born c. 1573) and Magdalena Symonsdr. Dykwel (born c. 1580-1645) from Goes; the couple married in Amsterdam in 1601 and left for London before 1604. Isaack was a brother of the painter Simon Luttichuys; they had at least eight brothers and sisters, all born in London: Catharyna, Magdalena, Bernardus, Maria, Gabriel, Anna, Barbara and Paulus, of whom Gabriel, Anna and Maria probably died young. He was married on April 3, 1643, after his return from London, in Amsterdam to Elisabeth Adolfs Winck or Wenck. They had one daughter, Cornelia, who was baptized on 8 March 1644 and a son, Isaack, who was buried on 5 August 1645. His mother was buried in the Westerkerk on 19 August 1645. On 21 March 1646 Isaack posted banns with Sara Grebert (Ecartico) or Grabey. In total they would have five children baptized or buried in the Westerkerk: a first child on 21 April 1647, a son Isaack on April 19, 1648, Magdalena 9 May 1649, Catharina on 27 October 1650 and on October 27, 1650, another son called Isaack was buried. Sara died in the autumn of 1657 and was buried in the Westerkerk on 15 October

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Isaack Luttichuys

Baptised in London on 25th February 1616 in the Dutch Reformed Church Austin Friars, Isaack Luttichuys was the son of Bernard Luttichuys and the brother of the still-life painter Simon Luttichuys (1610–1662).
At an unknown but probably early date, he moved to Amsterdam, where it is presumed he and his brother studied.

A lost drawing of the mother of the poet P.C. Hooft was dated 1638 and is Isaack’s earliest known work. Several early paintings suggest he started his career working in a Rembrandtesque manner, reminiscent of Samuel van Hoogstraten (1627–1678). In the early 1640s he also painted full-length outdoors portraits of well-to-do burghers. Following general trends in Amsterdam, his portraiture style shed its Rembrandtesque chiaroscuro around 1650 for a clearer, cooler light and a technique closer to that of Bartholomeus van der Helst (1613–1670).
Luttichuys was favoured as a portraitist by the wealthy Amsterdam elite.

elisabeth Adolffd Winck

8 april 1643

Ondertr: 3 april 1643 Ysaack Luttickhuijs, van London, out 27 Jaer won.op de Louweriergracht, geass. met sijn neve, Paulus van Schoonhoven, en Elisabeth Adolffs Winck, van A, out 26 jaer, woon. op de Louweriergracht, geass. met haar zuster, Tryntie Adolffs.

Isaack Luttichhuys


doop 08-03-1644

1650 doop Isaack

doop Isaack

Isaacdoop Kataruija

Katarijnabegraven Isaack

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maart 1673 overlijden


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Portrait of a Girl - THE NATIONAL GALLERY

Isaack Luttichuijs

A young girl stands by a column and a balustrade, her hair tied back in a chignon, with tendrils hanging down on either side of her face. The girl’s dress dates the picture to the late 1640s. Isaack Luttichuijs often painted his sitters against architectural backdrops and at first glance the painting’s style seems to fit with portraits by the artist of the mid-1650s. However, the style of the girl’s dress makes a slightly earlier date more likely. This is also borne out by a fully signed pendant (current whereabouts unknown) of a young boy – no doubt the girl’s little brother – whose style of clothing also suggests an earlier date. Despite the unmistakable facial resemblance, the two paintings had not been recognised as pendants, and recently it was argued that the portrait of the girl is not by Luttichuys. Any doubts on both scores were laid to rest when it transpired that the two pictures were still together in 1834, appearing as pendants at a London auction.

SK-C-1477 kopie

signatuur en datum, linksboven: ‘J Luttichuis Fecit Anno 1656’ RIJKSMUSEUM

Susanne Reael?

Susanna Reael

Persoonlijke gegevens Susanna Reael 

  • Zij is geboren november 1637 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland.

  • Zij is gedoopt op 17 november 1637 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland.Nieuwe Kerk

  • Geloof: Hervormd.

  • Zij is overleden op 19 december 1662 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland, zij was toen 25 jaar oud.

  • Een kind van Laurens Reael en Susanna de Moor


Simo Luttichuijs

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De zoon van Isaack Luttichijs

Isacq Luttichijs overleden

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