Hendrick Bloemaert 1669


Details van het schilderij & de Annunciatie in de Matthæus Crommius bijbel Antwerpen 1539


Hendrick, Abraham Bloemaert’s oldest son, was born in Utrecht in 1601/1602. He was trained by his father, a fact which determined his style and future career. Hendrick was in Rome in 1627 for about three months and entered the St. Luke’s guild in 1630/32. In 1631 he married Margareta van der Eem, daughter of the lawyer and painter Cornelis van der Eem in Utrecht. Hendrick is the best known and most accomplished painter of Abraham’s sons.

Hendrick was principally a portrait, genre and the history painter who initially followed in the footsteps of his father, Abraham. However, his later style and more accomplished technique leads away from a Caravaggesque style associated with Abraham, to a more classical approach practised in Utrecht, Haarlem and at Court in the mid to latter part of the seventeenth century.

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