THIS portico or gateway is one of the entrances through a brick enclosure which surrounds the sacred temple of Dendera. It is probably, like the Temple itself, of the Roman period of Egyptian art. It is in so  perfect a state of preservation, that the winged sphere and other sculptured details upon it are as sharp as on the day they were cut, and on some parts the colouring where they were painted is still vivid. On the plinth of the cornice, Mr. Roberts says there is a Greek inscription, in part well preserved, which he had not time to copy, and which he thinks has escaped the notice of other travellers.

    The inclosure of crude brick is about two hundred and forty paces square, having two entrances, one at the pylon of Isis, the other at that before the great Temple. At the other gate, which leads to the inclosure, and which is very similar to that which is here represented, though not so much buried in the ruins of the wall, there are marks worn by the polishing of the metal heads of their weapons, by the guards who kept the entrance to the Temple.


Roberts’s Journal.